Data Feed API

More details about the data feed APIs

CodePunch Solutions is a network security backend data provider developing and implementing Data / API feeds for Monitoring Digital Assets and Analyzing Network Threats.

Our customers use our data feeds to analyze potential threats, track domain names that are registered for phishing attacks, monitor malicious trademark violations, find and register domain names that contain their product names and trademarks and were recently dropped, statistically analyze domain name and SSL/TLS certificate registrations, etc.

The API access is meant for integrating the data into applications that you develop or get developed. Please do not subscribe if you are not sure what this means. However, it is not very difficult to use the already available free Python sample code to accomplish basic functions. You can run Python codes from Windows, Mac or Linux systems. Please contact us if you require assistance or have questions.

Currently, there are three different data feeds available.

Domain Name Activity Data Feed

This data feed includes newly registered & (to be) deleted domain names that contain specified keywords, IPv4 addresses, ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers) etc. It does not contain any personal data of the domain registrants. We neither collect nor provide any personal / contact information.

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DNS & Subdomains Data Feed

This data feed helps research gTLDs (global top level domains), observed ccTLDs (country code TLDs), Nameservers used by gTLDs and obtain various DNS related data (A,AAAA, CNAME, NS, TXT, MX, ASN Data, etc.

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SSL/TLS Certificate Data Feed

This data feed helps research SSL/TLS certificates that are issued daily. Use it to find certificates that use your domain names or trademarked terms.

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