Custom Software Applications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you develop custom software applications?

Yes, we do. But...

We are also very focused on the type of applications we build. If you are in need of a monitoring application that tracks domain names, SSL certificates, domain name auctions, etc. we may already have a standard tool available straight away or planned in our development pipeline.

Are you looking for a software application that uses one of our APIs or any other domain name, SSL, DNS or security monitoring related API? We may be able to help.

If you are in need of a full custom website we are probably not the right choice because we are primarily a software development company. However, we can help or at least point you in the right direction if you need a website that is in some way related to what we already do.

What are the costs involved?

Any custom software tool development generally requires a minimum fee of $750 (US). If your requirement is very basic, there most probably exists a free tool for it. Please contact us and we will either provide you a price quote or point you to a free alternate solution. In some cases we may give you a free script. Remember that this is only for tools and solutions that are related or similar to products and services we already provide at this site.

We are also not likely to work on any custom project that costs more than $5000 (US) to you. This is because projects like that will affect our own product development. In such cases we may be able to provide you alternate suggestions.

Most projects will be split into 2 or more phases. The first phase alone will require prior payment.

How long will custom application development take?

If we do projects, we tend to do the ones that can be completed within a few days or a maximum of 2-3 weeks.

What kind of support do you provide?

After a project is completed, any free bug fixes and minor changes are allowed at no extra cost for up to 6 months. Any critical bug fixes will be provided free for up to 12 months.

We are flexible with features and pricing. For example, it is possible to make adjustments in features and pricing after the work has started (based on mutual discussions and, additionally, prices may change).