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API v2

You can use the API v1 keys to access API v2 too. Please contact us if you need any assistance. Remember to include your current subscription details like the email address used for subscription or API key (not the API secret key).

Domain Name Activity Data Feed API

For Trademark, Malware and Network Threat Analysis

Sample Domain Data Feed

  • This data feed is meant only for statistical, trademark or malware analysis. You may use the data to find domains that are maliciously registered for use in phishing attacks or contain trademarked terms or important keywords. Use of this feed data for any other purposes is prohibited.
  • Find the daily generic top level domains (gTLDs) that are added to or deleted from the zone. You will receive the API access credentials on subscription.
  • Find daily added or deleted domains that may contain important keywords you or your clients are interested in for trademark and other monitoring or domain acquisition.
  • Monitor the top keywords that occur at the start, middle, end or anywhere in the daily added or deleted non-IDN domain names for each TLD.
  • Find the popularity of specific words in the daily added or deleted non-IDN domain list by finding the aggregate number of times these keywords occur across positions (at start, at end, middle, etc.), TLDs and dates.
  • Use the API keys from your applications to access the data. Alternately use the API ToolPad to access the data from your web browser. API ToolPad does not require any coding.
  • You may also download a command line Python tool to access the data. You can then use it from a Mac or Windows desktop after installing Python. The command line Python tool is free and includes the source code.
  • Please see the tools at for example data and to know which TLDs are supported.
  • The data is available for most generic top level domains but not for country code domains.
  • Some of the domains that contain popular third party website keywords will include additional information like IPv4, ASName, etc. Please see the screen-shot below. This is not available for all rows. You can easily lookup this information using trivial scripts.
  • You will be charged monthly or annually, you can easily cancel the subscription at any time. Click here to subscribe.
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