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Find Phishing & Other Domains as They Are Registered

This is a data feed subscription for the various domain name statistical tools available at DnPedia.Com. The data is available for most generic top level domains but not for country code domains. Please see the sample data to know which TLDs are supported.

This data feed is meant only for trademark and malware analysis. Use of this feed data for any other purposes is prohibited.

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Sample Data

Please see the phishing domain lists at DnPedia to understand the type of data available on this feed.


The API for this feed was developed by CodePunch Solutions.

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Only for Possible Phishing / Trademark Violation Analysis

This data feed is meant only for trademark and malware / phishing domain analysis and contains newly registered & (to be) deleted domain names that contain specified keywords, IPv4 addresses, ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers) etc. It does not contain any personal data of the domain registrants. We neither collect nor sell any personal / contact information.