Cloud Server Tools

CodePunch Solutions develops and implements Cloud Server Solutions & Tools for Digital Asset Management, Cloud Publishing and Data Analysis.

SED Installer for Debian

Bash script for quick, easy one step installation of Watch My Domains SED on Debian Droplets at Digital Ocean.

Watch My Domains SED

Domain Name Portfolio Management using Watch My Domains, fully managed installations from CodePunch

Domain Name Data Feed API

Find possible phishing domains as they are registered. A data feed subscription for the various domain name statistical tools available at DnPedia.Com.

Keyword and Trademark Search in Domain Names

Domains & Keywords

Search for Trademarks and Keywords in Daily Added Domains & across different TLDs, includes the new global TLDs (external site owned & operated by CodePunch Solutions).

Domain Registrar API Client

Web Whois Client

A simple, free web whois client that uses registrar APIs for obtaining domain records under you own profile.

Daily List of New DOmains

Daily Domains

See the daily list of domains that were added to the zone files on the previous day (external site owned & operated by CodePunch Solutions).