Domain Name Portfolio Manager

Watch My Domains SED is a cloud based domain name portfolio management application currently available at DomainPunch.Com. CodePunch Solutions offers fully managed versions of Watch My Domains SED that doesn't require any installation. Please see the FAQ for more information on CodePunch Solutions and Softnik Technologies.

Business domain name management Software for the Cloud / Web

After subscription you will be able to access application from a dedicated cloud server maintained by us. You will be charged monthly or annually, there are no additional royalties or payments.

The fully managed solution is ideal if you simply don't want to be bothered with servers, installations and other technical stuff. You may also request SSH access to the server even though we will be managing the server.

Brandable | Source Code Available | Multi User Support | Audit Trail | Monitor Domains, Subdomains, MX, SSL Certificates & More | Periodic Email Alerts | Custom Reports

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What Can it Do?


Self Hosted

Watch My Domains SED

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Install on your own server, requires that you have access to a web server. There is no need to provide any contact information before you download.

Self Hosted, We Install

Watch My Domains SED

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Let us install on your server, use an existing server or a third party provider. You will need to provide us information about your or third party provided server.

Fully Managed

Watch My Domains SED

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We will setup a fully managed and dedicated production level installation for you to evaluate and then subscribe. We will take care of all the technical stuff. Some conditions apply.

Manage up to 300,000 domains

You can use this option for domain portfolios containing less than 300,000 domains. This limitation comes from server specifications and is not because of the application. Please contact us if you need to manage more than 300,000 domains because we will need to install it on a server with better optimized settings and specifications.

We will send you the server details along with the access credentials within 8-24 hours of your purchase.

Enhanced Report Options

We will be soon adding additional enhanced reporting options to Managed Watch My Domains SED installations. These options will not be available in the stock edition.

Fully Managed and Hosted

The application will be installed on a stand-alone, fully managed, cloud server and will be updated whenever new versions are available.

You will be billed every month or every year based on your selection above. You will have access to the server as long as your subscription is active.

Silver & Gold Levels

  • Silver level includes daily local database backups. The database will be backed up every 24 hours to a local folder. You may download the zipped backup files at any time.
  • Gold level includes frequent database backups to a remote cloud drive. The database will be backed up every 6 hours to a local folder and also to a remote cloud drive. You may download the zipped backup files at any time.

    The gold level also includes additional support for custom report generation.