Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SSL/TLS Certificate Data Feed

How often is the data updated?

The certificate data is constantly collected every minute, hour and day. However the data is processed and logged to the database typically at hourly intervals. This means there is a 0-60 minute delay before the data appears in the data feed.

Sometimes data may be delayed because we are unable to access the log server or our database servers are in maintenance mode. In such cases the certificate data may appear a few hours late.

Why do the record counts change?

We collect data from multiple log files and there is always duplicate data. We run a de-duplicator process every hour to remove duplicates. However, the data feed will often include data from before the duplicates are removed. Because of this you may sometimes see fluctuations in data count for any recent time window.

Sometimes certificate data from some log files will be unavailable and these are queued for later collection and processing. When these are processed later new certificates may be found and the data count for an earlier time window may increase.

Do you have a real-time feed?

No, we don't have a real-time feed at this time.

How accurate is the data? Do you capture every certificate?

We try our best to capture all the certificates using data from multiple log files. However, we can't guarantee that all certificates are 100% logged. It is possible that some certificates are missed or are logged after a delay.

Please bring to our attention any certificate that you think we missed so that we can investigate.

How long do you store the data?

While we officially guarantee the availability of data for the last 30 days, the API may support data prior to 30 days (as of the April 10, 2024 this is 6 months).

This may change and we may go back to only providing the data for last 30 days.