DNS Data API Subscription

The API access is meant for integrating the data into applications that you develop or get developed. Please do not subscribe if you are not sure what this means. However, it is not very difficult to use the already available free Python sample code to accomplish basic functions. You can run Python codes from Windows, Mac or Linux systems. Please contact us if you require assistance or have questions.

You may use the data only for trademark/security monitoring and statistical analysis. Please also do not purchase a subscription if you only intend to make the raw data available from your website or product. You may redistribute or resell the data only if there is substantial value addition or if you are only integrating smaller but relevant parts of the data to your website or products.

This is an introductory pricing. The subscription rates will change soon but if you signup now these rates will be grandfathered.

Subscribe to all three data feed APIs and save $25 instead of subscribing to just this API.

Select the Bundle Offer

or continue below to subscribe to only the SSL/TLS Certificate Data Feed. Please expect 8-12 hours to obtain the API access details after the purchase