Fully Managed Watch My Domains SED

Use the form on the right / below to setup a free 15 day fully managed Watch My Domains SED installation. (you can extend the trial as many times as is reasonable for evaluation).

This is a fully production level installation and you can continue to use it after purchasing the subscription, you will not lose any data you have setup during installation.

Once setup, you can add your domains and get started immediately. You can also contact us for any additional features that should be enabled or created new.

The pricing for this starts at $60 USD per month (for managing up to 300,000 domains). Please contact us if you have a larger portfolio or if you need features that are not already present. Please see the purchase page for pricing information.


The application, after installation, can be accessed at an assigned IP address and it's default hostname will be xxxx.toolpad.com. Please provide the xxxx part as the hostname in the request form. You may map any of your own fully qualified domain names to the IP afterwards. If you leave the hostname entry empty or if your requested name is already assigned, we will pick one for you.

Request Evaluation Account

Please use this form only if you are 100% sure about being able to allocate the time required for evaluation.