Watch My Domains SED Installer for Digital Ocean + Debian

Digital Ocean provides one of the most cost effective solutions to deploy, install and use cloud server tools.

A typical 1GB droplet at Digital Ocean can be deployed for $5 a month.

Bash Script to Install Watch My Domains SED

Important: This requires a fresh new Droplet

Here is a simple bash script to very easily install Watch My Domains SED on a Debian 9.4x64 droplet.

This will install basic Linux tools, PHP 7.0, Maria DB, Apache, ionCube Loader, Let's Encrypt and finally Watch My Domains SED. It will then setup an SSL, configure Watch My Domains SED and add the required cron jobs.

As you can see, there is not much you have to do.

  • SSH as root to the server.
  • Use wget to download the script from the URL listed below and use chmod to make it executable
  • Run the script as shown below.

You can find the script at the following URL

Use wget to download it to the server and then use chmod


chmod u+x

You need to provide an email address for Let's Encrypt registration while running the script.